Our Story

Our Story

Lady Liberty is a beacon for a better life, which is why she is at the heart of our Lady Liberty line of better-for-you snacks. Using simple, natural, high-quality ingredients, the Lady Liberty line of world-class foods offers a delicious, convenient snacking experience no matter where you are.  Naturally Better…Lady Liberty.

At Lady Liberty, we are family-owned, family-run and family-focused.

That’s why you can trust Lady Liberty to offer quality, wholesome snacks you can feel good feeding your family. We believe that better foods are a pathway to a better life, and that you don’t have to sacrifice taste, value or trust to enjoy better-for-you snacks.

Nothing Artificial: No Artificial Colors or Flavors

No Preservatives

0g Trans Fats

Quality Assurance Pledge Behind Every Product

Great Taste

Packaged Fresh in the USA

Quality Ingredients

All of our Lady Liberty products are backed by our Quality Assurance Pledge

Lady Liberty knows food safety is the number one priority for families today. Our products are inspected at every step of the supply chain and meet a standard of excellence unmatched in the industry.