When you eat better, you feel better. With Lady Liberty snacks, satisfy your snack cravings, while enjoying added benefits that help promote a better life. And you can snack with ease knowing that all Lady Liberty snacks are free from artificial colors and flavors, preservatives and trans fats. If you’re looking for more, browse Lady Liberty products for benefits like protein, fiber, low sodium, low sugar and gluten free! Naturally better…Lady Liberty!

ProteinGood Source of FiberLow SodiumLow Sugar

Good Source of Fiber

Dietary Fiber is essential to good digestive health and can help maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk of heart disease & diabetes. These Lady Liberty snacks are a Good Source of Dietary Fiber:

Gluten Free

Who says gluten free isn’t tasty? Grab one of these Lady Liberty gluten free snacks that are exceptionally delicious.

Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Claims regarding Good Source of Protein, Good Source of Fiber and Low Sodium reflect United States FDA Guidelines. Source: A Good Source of Protein requires protein content that is 10-19% DV or 5g or more per serving. A Good Source of Fiber requires dietary fiber content that is 10-19% DV or 2g or more per serving. Products that are Low Sodium require 140mg or less of Sodium per serving. If you have a question, contact us today.