1. What are bean bites?​

We’re so glad you asked! Lady Liberty Bean Bites are a fun new crunchy snack made from white beans, peas, and pinto beans that pack a protein powered punch to help you get through your day.

2. Is Lady Liberty NON-GMO​

All Lady Liberty Bean Bites, Veggie Chips & Veggie Straws are BioChecked NON-GMO Verified.

3. Is Lady Liberty Vegetarian Friendly?

All Lady Liberty Products are Vegetarian friendly.

4. Which Products are Vegan Friendly?​

Our Vegan-Friendly Flavors include

● Bean Bites: Harissa

● Bean Bites: Original with Sea Salt

● Bean Bites: Tomato Basil

● Bean Bites: Hot Texas BBQ

●Veggie Chips: Sea Salt

● Veggie Straws: Sea Salt

● Veggie Straws: Sweet

5. Are Lady Liberty Products Diabetic Friendly?

Always check with your doctor first, but generally speaking, yes. The amount of added sugar present in our bean bites and veggie items is very low.

6. Do Lady Liberty Products have any Allergens?​

We aren’t sneaky about what we use to make our oh-so-delicious Lady Liberty products. We clearly indicate any potential allergens on all of our Lady Liberty packaging (right in the ingredients list) so that you can understand exactly what you are about to eat (Pure Deliciousness!).

7. Does Lady Liberty Perform Allergen Testing?​

You bet! When we finish making a batch of delicious crunchy goodness that contains allergens (stuff like cheese and dairy flavors), we begin our extensive cleaning process, followed by testing (it’s really scientific) to make sure that everything is squeaky clean and no allergens are present.

8. Do your Suppliers have Allergen Certifications?​

You better believe it! We require all of our suppliers to supply a Certificate of Authenticity with every shipment.

9. Can I eat Lady Liberty products after they have passed the expiration date?​

Noooo! Don’t do it! It just won’t taste the same. Also, we can’t guarantee the quality of our products after the expiration date.

10. Where are Lady Liberty Products made?​

All of our products are made right in the USA

11. How do I get Lady Liberty products offered in a store near me?​

Head over to your favorite store and tell the customer service desk about Lady Liberty and why you think it is so awesome! Once they become just as excited as you, mention that they can reach our sales team at sales@ladylibertybrands.com, then just wait for the awesomeness to arrive.

12. How can I get Lady Liberty products delivered directly to my door?​

You’re in luck! All of our Lady Liberty items are available for purchase on a growing number of online retailers, including: Amazon, Noon.com, & Tmall.com. Be sure to check if Lady Liberty is available for delivery in your area!